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from costume Takasugi Shinsuke
kiratsukai Remember that epic waterfall fight?

Yeah... neither do I.

But wouldn't it have been cool if there WAS an epic waterfall fight?

(On the topic of my womanly buttocks. I tried tying the obi around my hipbones to offset the balance a bit... but did a poor job of it. Another group member saw my sorry tying job and being ocd about it, yanked me to the side to re-tie everything... right around my waist *tears* Meaning, my waist looks tiny and my butt looks HUGE T^T Though really, I tied it SO poorly that it was falling off and exposing me to forest animals and small children. Had she not intervened, I may be writing this from jail.)

Gintoki: 夜行さん
Takasugi: me

photo by Iain.
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