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from costume Ichigo Kurosaki
Elffi Okay, so here you go~

Rest of the photos from the photoshoot last weekend on Bakacon 2011!

Finally a new cosplay, eh?

So here it is... I know I'v been a bit lazy this year.

But I finally managed to make a new costume!

Final Getsuga Tenshou Ichigo / Mugetsu from Bleach!

I just had to make this because I love Bleach and Ichigo <3

And lol, I thought this might be an easy cosplay for me.

I could not even breath when I'm wearing that mask thing...


I'm not sure but this might be my sixth Ichigo cosplay?

Is that a bad thing? ^^;

Half of all of my cosplays are Ichigo, eh, wat?

Well, so I bought all the fabrics for this cosplay a month or two ago, but I finally made it in 3 days.

This was a cosplay for Bakacon (www.bakacon.fi).

I was a cosplay contest judge and I also held a lecture about making props.

Umm, I'm not sure if I like all of the parts of this costume. I had some problems with the tattoo for an example.

So, if you have any questions or anything please don't hesitate to ask!

Whole costume made by: me.

Model: me.

Photographer: Yaci (yayagami on DA)
  • AanZku Pidän tästä. Kuvan varjot korostavat hienosti ruumiinrakennettasi. :3 12 years ago
  • MoChiCo THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Your cosplays are magical. 12 years ago