Amberle's image
from costume Zero Kiryuu

I realised i spammed this photo everywhere but at! 8D;

Taken at Streetfest lolol. My first time as a teenage boy!

Costume: Kula
Photographer: Ash

Thank you all! :DD
  • Amberle Akane: You be bishie too! 8D Bubbaman2491: I didn't make this costume so i can't help you there. Sorry! Laymons: Haha you flatter me! Thank you. (: 14 years ago
  • Laymons *-* awesome! The best Zero I've ever seen 15 years ago
  • Bubbaman2491 ooo that's amazing, i'm planning going as Zero for Otakon 08, and i was wondering what kind of pattern you used for this? 15 years ago
  • Mikazuki Akane Bishie bishie bishie~ 15 years ago
  • Amberle Elsch: Thank you very much! That means alot to me. (: _Shinya_: Thank you! ;o; Chocolime: Thank you darling~ *chu* ten10_chan: Thanks! 8D; And the wig is not from cosworx haha. 15 years ago
  • ten10_chan wow you are such a wonderful zero!!! did you buy that wig from cosworx?? 15 years ago
  • ChocoLime U can really cosplay as a boy! Very handsome too X3 15 years ago
  • Elsch *_* *steals you* :3 15 years ago