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from costume Rosa Farrell
Cyrennia Finished at last! I had a great time cosplaying as Rosa with the lovely Rydia behind me. Accurate to the last detail of the CG, at least to the best of my ability. ^^
  • Cyrennia Thank you so much! I hand painted them with gold fabric paint (not 3D). First I did the math to figure out the proportions, then drew and cut out stencils. I made one stencil for the flower, one for the vines (so I'd have nice repeating patterns), and then a third for the shorter white cape. The only problem was the paint got a bit gucky on the stencils after about three uses, and also the paint went right through the fabric and so the cape could stick to the paper underneath, so it took quite a few nights of painting/drying sections to complete. ^_^ 10 years ago
  • Mao_Melissa Lovely Rosa! I remember looking at the CG artwork and thinking omg Rosa and Rydia's capes would take forever to make! Those detailed designs look great. Did you hand paint them or embroider? 10 years ago