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from costume Blood Seras
SakechanBD Posing outside the delicious sweet nectars of Starbucks.
  • Leadmill Excellent Blood Seras, well done! 14 years ago
  • kidkaito omg omg omg omg omg omg that is not possible i can´t believe it but it´s so very cool, I´m Dead X_X 15 years ago
  • enpulsate I remember you! Must suck carrying that around all day huh :P Likewise, you looked amazing :] 15 years ago
  • Laurihime dude this is so awesome; i love it!!! 15 years ago
  • !*Jessi-Chan*! i am so loving the arm!!! it pulls the costume together so well 15 years ago
  • SaltySlippers costume is amazing and your arm is awsome looking ~ = D i want it. 15 years ago
  • JennyBunny wow! your arm.prop wins! so totally neat!! ^^ 15 years ago