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from costume Flemeth
hmwsg x Ugh. UGH. I have definitely overloaded myself for the summer. I am working on 5 costumes, 2 which are not mine. So I have been juggling them like a mad woman trying to get them all finished.

So, here have this photo. I've been working on this the past week or so. I made the collar too thick so I had to start sewing some parts by hand. It still is not done--have to install a zipper or something and then insert a bajillion feathers. Hopefully the top will not be as difficult--but it has probably 3 times more studs.

I do have the skirt and pants done--I just cannot be bothered to find the photos I took right now xD Too tired.

Even though I'm kind of grumpy right now I have to say I'm very excited for this costume. I have a feeling this will become my favorite one, and I have an amazing wig I am getting commissioned.
  • SigmaRue Have my babies. Do it. Do it for Flemeth. Cause this is HAWT. 13 years ago
  • Lady Muramasa Nice, Flemeth's top is coming along nicely. Ugh, I would not have patience for all those studs. 13 years ago
  • ten10_chan Man this looks amazing so far! I cannot wait to see the end product! Keep it up ^__^! May the force be with you! haha! I know what you mean! I want to make so many costumes but I think I'd have to take it one at a time!~ 13 years ago