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from costume Ichigo Kurosaki
Elffi Ohay~

Newest Ichigo cosplay.
Made in 3-4 days by me.
This was supposed to be an easy and quick cosplay for a hot summer con, but I was wrong.

That full body makeup and mask were SO HOT and painful.
I had to take of the mask and drink water every 20-30 min to maintain my consciousness...

Whole mask is made of plaster of Paris with clay covering. Black base paint and white minuature paint after clay.
Jaw actually moves with my own jaw because I made wirings with some rubber band and hot glue.

If you have any questions, please ask me.
  • midoripickle Words can not describe how awesome that is *bows down* btw, how did you manage to paint your whole body like that? 13 years ago