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from costume Asuka Langley Soryu
DayDreamerNessa Despite being in the same spot for most of the pictures i have to share, I tried to show different sides of Asuka. With this one i tried to be a bit more of moody Asuka.

As an asuka fan i have to admit seeing these sides of Asuka is kind of sad, because she is so vibrant, and proud. But at the same time it's kinda nice to show the different sides of her character.

myself as Asuka
  • stevenw Sorry about the waaaaay late comment, but I have to say what a beautiful pic! Great composition and you are such a gorgeous femme. Wow! 10 years ago
  • Jersey You look amazing! What a beautiful Asuka! And that wig is AWESOME! 11 years ago
  • jonaraidon woow!! so sexy beautiful legs! 11 years ago
  • Envel You look so pretty as Asuka and in this picture and that wig is beautiful! 11 years ago
  • baypistolman You are so pretty. 11 years ago