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Charlie-chan A closeup of the orbo I made for my buddy LayerD to help make her Karasuma costume cooler. (she helped paint it) and I think it came out pretty awesome. especially since someone even asked if they could buy it after we arived at JC2. woo! specialness! lol
  • layerD I think the paint looks amazing ^^ 19 years ago
  • Charlie-chan Chibi Ice Wolf: aww thankies ^_^ lol, after having to make all those assesories for my utena costumes, i have mastered the ghetto ways of sculpty. XD;; 19 years ago
  • Chibi Ice Wolf Whoa! The bottom part looks like it's glowing! You are far more talented than me with sculpey ^.^;;, nice job! 19 years ago
  • Charlie-chan Arisugawa Juri: ah thanks ^^. uum I made it out of sculpty clay with shiny paint. 19 years ago
  • Charlie-chan shinobi- frightens me 2. o.o; 19 years ago
  • Shinobi Ourobo frightens me. >_ 19 years ago