Hylian Jean's image
from costume Zora Queen Rutela
Hylian Jean Photo by Molly McIsaac of http://mollymcisaac.com (thank you Molly!)
Cosplay and background manipulation by me (sorry I am not very good at painting backgrounds! still haven't done a real proper photoshoot with either of my Zora costumes.)
Water stock by http://theartistdarklady.deviantart.com
Most of her airbrushing is done now. Still missing a few details and her pink overskirt, and her hair falls need to be a little longer.. and I need to fix those wretched darts. >:(
But she has her headtail dots (they're shiny and iridescent!) and lots of color correction, and her head is WAY more comfortable to wear now.

Her eyes still fog up something terrible.. must.. fix... somehow, without ruining them. They're so delicate!
  • seawaterwitch WOW! AWESOME!!! 11 years ago
  • CosplayerGabi Wow, lot of work on this and it shows. Maybe some of that anti fog stuff for mirrors can help with the eyes? 11 years ago
  • Viveeh I'd love to see this at a con, it must be even more awesome than it looks in photos! 11 years ago
  • Niram very nice :) 11 years ago
  • jackoftrades That is pretty amazing :) 11 years ago
  • rinny_san wouah!! 11 years ago