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from costume Eddie
LordDraco3 My motorcycle! I made this thing out of a Schwinn Stingray Stealth bike that I found at a pawn shop, then fixed it up to the best of my ability without adding a lot of weight or spending a lot of money.

The headlight is a real motorcycle headlight/speedometer that I salvaged off an old minibike that my neighbor had. I also took an air filter off of a different bike to add on. The motor is a plastic gas can with foam and plastic details added on, and some plastic cups underneath. The pipes are vacuum cleaner parts and PVC, bolted onto the frame. There's also a big thick hose in there, and a ton of surgical tubing painted to look more like cables and wires.

The "gas tank" is a cut up Bleach bottle, it's the only part I'm still looking to upgrade into a real motorcycle gas tank. Might add a windshield on later, too, depending on price and weight.

And did I mention the light works? You can see my finger holding down the switch in the top pic to work it (it only stays on when the button is pressed).

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