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from costume Ayane
Panda Treats At DragonCon 2011! We had a blast taking these DoA shots, it was so much fun!
I'm Ayane
Kalasnacks is the wonderful Helena
And Fairy Dust is most amazing Tina EVAR!
Photo by EBK
  • pinoycosplay My god! I want to fight you all with lei fang. You guys rock! I will have to go to dragoncon next year if you guys are there. 11 years ago
  • Dali-Lamb You ladies look stunning! Straight out of the game--amazing :D 11 years ago
  • Granosx :0 you all look great! You all definitely got attention. Now just need a Hitomi :p Dragoncon also sounds cool, but I have only been to nycc 2010/2011 11 years ago