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from costume Sohryu
Liriel Couldn't resist, neither the title nor the CG. :)

CG made by the very talented Lathir. Thank you so much for making this!
  • evenstar1 absolutely beautiful costume! love it! 16 years ago
  • Reamy Absolutely STUNNING CRAFTSMANSHIP! STUPENDOUS! ^____________^ 17 years ago
  • celestial Ceres You look so great *__* 17 years ago
  • Kreuz Wooooooooo!! Wonderful Sohryu!!! I love you X3~~ << so... thanks for the comment ^^ >> 17 years ago
  • Chibi I love the CG! Awesome work! 17 years ago
  • -Miffy- BAMM! Awesome! 17 years ago
  • Spiv and X I swear to Buddah I love you. ;_________; This must be one of the best cosutmes I have sene IN MY LOFE. I love Soryuu (no matter what spelling. XD). you have amazing skill! The wig is lovely, and the CG is just mindblowing. Amazing. 17 years ago
  • Yuffie_Suzume that is really nice! 17 years ago
  • Aya_Fujimiya ihr drei seid sooooo toll *fan desu* 18 years ago
  • Psyposer looks like it came out from a dream *-*~ this costume and CG are both WONDERFULL! 18 years ago
  • Ken-san This looks so awesome! simply wonderful! 18 years ago
  • x_mika_x aw, the cg is awesome *O* (and the costume, too, of course XD) 18 years ago
  • Sweet Rikku Woooooooow!!!!! OO That's....... WOOOOOOOW!!!! I love your costume and the cg is great!! 18 years ago
  • HaruVamp speechless *-* 18 years ago
  • R1KKu gorgeous costume, and I love the CG! 18 years ago
  • smirnoff .... omg!!! i dont know that it's but ..its very beautiful!!! 18 years ago
  • SeraMuun The costume is excellent..I really wish I could get a pic of you myself (I cosplay Tsuzuki and I'm working on Byakko) The CG your friend did is very well done..seamless and completly believeable.. Excellent.. 18 years ago
  • Alessa So wonderful! I really love the costume, on photos and in real! 18 years ago
  • Kazeki Beautiful!!! both CG and cosplay^^ 18 years ago
  • mercure beautiful CG^^ 18 years ago
  • Lathir It was my pleasure^_^ and well..of course the cosplay itself doesnt need the CG, thats not what i think CG-ing should be for (pimping up bad costumes-_-). Its just a matter of setting and making a nice Background for a great costume^^ 18 years ago
  • Misty Eyes even without the cg this is still an awesome costume. but i think the cg helps bring it out =) 18 years ago
  • LennethXVII Your cosplay itself is stunning! But after making it into a CG, i think it looks fabulous 18 years ago
  • Sterling C.G. not needed. Very nice cosplay. :O) 18 years ago
  • ImMoRtAl MuFfIn so cool *-* 18 years ago
  • BlackMarth NICE. 18 years ago
  • Kairi_Heartless wow... awesome *__* *speechless* 18 years ago
  • mokulen22 OH!! SO PRETTY!!! *stares for three minutes without blinding* so nice. 18 years ago
  • Kira Winter Very pretty~ nice job~ 18 years ago
  • kiwi_lady i've been thinking about doing YnM cosplay because.. its so pretty like ur costume +_+!! great job ^^ 18 years ago