Anatra's image
Anatra Good plan: Deciding to do a photoshoot of my Trunks cosplay.

Bad Plan: Deciding to do that photoshoot when it was FREEZING outside!!! Curse you Canada!

Note to self: Denim jacket does not equal warmth. Brrr...either way, I love this makes me happy in my woman place.

Thanks to Quantum Destiny for taking this photo!!!
  • Kayoshin OMG also mirai Trunks!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he's so well done OMG!!!!!!!!!!! U are my fav cosplayers all over the world!!!!!!!!!! I wanna make Quantum, Glay and Anatra fanclub!!! 13 years ago
  • IzunaDrop247 Wow, amazing! Love this costume! Very well done! 14 years ago
  • QuantumDestiny hottt best Trunks EVER 14 years ago
  • banditYinG cool! your wig is great! well done! 14 years ago
  • Glay man the colours are just looking fab!! 14 years ago
  • desty Fantastic costume! I love cosplayers who do great DragonBall costumes! Youv'e definitely done Trunks justice! 14 years ago
  • Shirak Great!!^___^ 14 years ago