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from costume Guy Cecil
darthmarysue Ahahaha, I'm so glad we did this pose, it's way too much fun. We randomly met Tear and Natalia outside the main entrance to the hotel and dragged them along for some photos. I still don't know who they are, so if you do, please let me know!

Cosplayers: ryuuraigeki as Luke, ?? and ?? as Tear and Natalia

Photo credit to: solartempest ^_^
  • +Misato+ *-* costumes are perfect! awesome picture! n.n 12 years ago
  • Elsch awesome costumes and really nice location & posing. ├╝erfect :3 12 years ago
  • Pekopekokun Hello~! This is Tear! Thanks for inviting us for the picture, my friend and I had fun doing them! We're bringing back the cosplays to this years Youmacon so if you and Luke plan on being there and are cosplaying Luke and Guy again let us know! We'd love to do more pics! :] 12 years ago
  • Ginryuu Amazing pose and hilarious face. The pose especially. It's really Guy-like. Plus the cosplay itself looks great. Then the colors work really well together in the photo and the leaves are beautiful, so as a photo it's really good and the photographer deserves credit. I never got to play the game, and had to stop watching the anime since I couldn't stand Luke anymore (and you kinda have to like the main character to like the anime), but I really like this photo. 12 years ago
  • Mage Omg...this is awesome. XD 12 years ago