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Kirschwasser The last time I had cosplayed was October 2007 when I made FF12 Penelo. Since then, I hadn't a single moment when I could make a costume, due to an extremely busy life & finishing up classes at the university. (Done with that now! I graduated December 2008 with my BA.) I hadn't gone to any con since AX07. I wasn't even going to go this year, but at the last second, I thought, "I might as well go for one day."

So I whipped up this costume. It's inspired by the Neo Japanesque Japanese street fashions, but it is all my original design. It was easy to make but it took quite a while to paint on all the designs. Yep, all the patterns/designs on the costume/obi/headband was all hand painted on me. Painting on black takes even longer!n You can't really see the design on my sleeves in this pic, but I'll upload another pic in the near future.

I got the name "Foxy Lady" because that is one of the nicknames I go by in real life. It's also my art gallery/site username, so there ya go! The kitsune (fox) design on the bottom left of my costume holds a banner that says, "Foxy Lady" on it, so people could find me at the con...

...not like I even saw anybody! I only go to chat with Mr. Lionel (you're awesome!), Rosabella, and AFadingDream (all who I was glad I could see), but I didn't even see anybody else I had wanted to. It was quiet a dissapointment. I think that's it for more AX. I'll try for Fanime next year; I hear it's a true cosplayers con. ???

In a posh British accent: Photo was taken by my dear Mumsy.
  • lestathunt OOoooo very pretty. Love the obi. It looks very professional. I was trying to look for you at AX but couldn't find you. Sad to hear this was probably your last AX. 14 years ago
  • AFadingDream You looked really pretty Jacqueline! :) And I want to take more photos with you! I really hope you go to Fanime so we can fight some more! XD Let's talk toon about it!!! 15 years ago
  • Geister Very pretty!!! 15 years ago