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Rikku Dattebayo and it's all REAL. XD

mmm... just wanted to test this style.
what's it called? "two-toned" ?

well yeah. these pictures aren't really accurate and don't show the colors really well but here's a quick description:

it the color blends [starting at the top] from strawberry/orange-blonde to a deep red/burgundy.

since my hair was black before it was dyed, we had to bleach it for about an house.. then add some bleach in the gel dye, then wait another hour and crap like that.

cut it; got 2 tails, layered the shorter section.

bangs are shorter...

mmm... i guess that's it.

all thanks to my brother's girlfriend! :D

the price of $136, FREE! ^^
  • Rikku Dattebayo to Pencil && nemisis33; thank you! :D took 3 hours but i'm glad it looks good. ^.^ 14 years ago
  • nemesis33 looking awesome 14 years ago
  • Pencil Thats a really cute haircut! You look great. 14 years ago