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Zoroko Went to A great graveyard in Rome today and we decided to have a small photoshoot there. Got a couple of great shots thanks to my friend Amanda, and we had a lot of fun. Me and my Roomates are currently in Italy but will be home soon!

These photo's show the 'in progress' of my new Tres cosplay. I would say it is about 40% done here.

Photo by: Amanda
Tres: Me
  • aBrokenBullet Omg that's so epic-looking. 14 years ago
  • Flowery Wow! So you're even working on making new stuff while studying abroad? That's so cool! I always wondered what the supply-shopping process would be like in other countries. :3 14 years ago
  • lilaznfreak coooll! it really does look like a neat graveyeard there! 14 years ago