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from costume Narcissa Malfoy
darthmarysue It took a while to arrange all the layers of robes for these seated shots...and I probably would have fussed even longer if I hadn't taken so long already.

Photo credit to: solartempest ^_^
  • seawaterwitch So beautiful and perfect :) 10 years ago
  • skyspiders Are those actual snake prints on green foil satin on the cuffs of that coat? EXCELENT addition! & the deep green fleur-de-lis -esqe accent for the inner lining of that coat is a perfect p.o.i. to a sign of nobility or pride in the idea of it. How fitting for her! 12 years ago
  • Rose of Battle Oh my god! Ahh! So pretty! 12 years ago
  • The_Sephiroth Ahhhhh! Amazing job! 12 years ago