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from costume Tyki Mikk
  • sohmamomo81 pure awesomeness. you pawn a lot of other Tyki Mikk cosplays I've seen and tie with another only cause I met him at a anime con in person. Anyway, extra points for being a guy character who is cosplayed by well...a actual guy and the natural background is LOVELY! the skin is something that some people get wrong or are too lazy to do it... 14 years ago
  • YuriKo VIII Beautiful pic!! And you are the perfect Tyki! 14 years ago
  • Jun_Tao Great, I´m agree with all of your. You are the best Tyki Mikk I´ve seen. And the background is real ¿?, jaja sorry is just that the snow look like a "cottoncandy" XD. 14 years ago
  • Neizfer > O < my god your such a perfect tyki mikki >: O!! your sOOO COOL! 14 years ago
  • Yoshh Yo. Laitoin meistä kuvan omaan profiiliini. I hope you don't mind :D 14 years ago
  • XXEdamameXX Gorgeous shot! 14 years ago
  • LadyCerbero beautiful ^^ 14 years ago
  • Tazzie Great shot! (^.^)b Tyki fits you very well! 14 years ago