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from costume Flonne
MidnightMist I don't know how we got into this pose, it doesn't make any sense at all, but it's so cute! It was so hard for me to get on my knees light that so 1) I didn't cause opportunity for the dreaded cooch shot, and 2) the boots didn't bend like, at all, at the ankles so I was really off balance. I think since I was on the floor for another shot, we just decided to take more because I wasn't going down there again, hehe.

Vatisha as Etna
Oniichan as Skull
Myself as Flonne

Wore at AX 2008.
  • Gryphus Wowow! Disgaea rules! you rock guys 14 years ago
  • XSoraLoverX haha such adorable poses, awesome costumes & awesome pic xD 14 years ago