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from costume George Sewell
Avianna This photo was taken at Mansfield Reformatory in Mansfield Ohio. This prison was the filming location of Shawshank Redemption, which also happens to be one of the visual inspirations behind Silent Hill: Downpour. When I found out we were gonna be shooting there I had to do a character! And George is one of my favorite sleezeballs, so he was a must. So many cupcake jokes were made. The overall experience of the photo shoot and all the Silent Hill people that went with us just made the whole experience so wonderfully memorable!

Photo by the lovely Bonk!
  • Straywind I've heard so much about that prison. It's so amazing that you were able to do a shoot there and your costume is so well done! Great shot! All the photos that I've seen from the shoot look so incredible! They really capture the mood of Downpour and Silent Hill in general! (^^) 12 years ago
  • carrousel so jelly i cant even handle it!! all of the pics so far have been fantastic, and this is the cherry on the cupcake!!! and i cant wait to see a more detailed pic of this costume, it sounds like the wig work was a creative undertaking! 12 years ago