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from costume Merida
cereza Second photo from today's photoshoot with my last costume: Merida from Brave.
It's summer here in Argentina and I practically melted with this costume, but it was worth it. We could make another awesome phtoshoot/backstage video with Sevi and Cynthia. The video will be up this week or the other, if lucky !
The biggest challenge was finding an appropriate wig, then I dyed some parts to give it different shades of orange. I just couldn't feel myself with that wig! it's so hughe, lol.

Costume, accesories, bow & arrows by me
Photo by Sevi Yummy https://www.facebook.com/SeviYummyPhotography
Video: Dahlia Fortescue
Assistant: Bárbara Rivas
  • Jersey Amazingly beautiful! So soft and lovely. 10 years ago
  • Saetiz Cosplay es todo tan chulo? el pelo es precioso, pero el traje se ve que esta muy bien hecho. La foto es muy buena y tu sales muy guapa! 10 years ago