Callesto's image
from costume Merida
Callesto Merida from Brave [Pixar]
Costume 100% made by me
Wig is custom made & styled by me

Model: Me
Photography: BertLePhoto at Deviantart, October 2012

Hide your tapestry Elinor! XD

I made this costume, Merida's princess dress, as a secret for SDCC this year and finally got a photoshoot with it last week!
My dress has ~13 hours worth of screen printing on it and countless hours of hand-gluing 3700 gems to the bottom. Even though I don’t wear a corset with it as she does in the movie, I still can’t move or breathe in the thing lol. Wig is also custom made by me (and is a continual piece of work) along with the work on my bow and painting on the sword! Probably one of my favorite costumes to date, if I wear it to ALA I’ll be making her circlet and white head piece (:

Major thanks to Robert & Jeff for the gorgeous photos!
  • MaGbY-cHaNn Beautiful! 9 years ago
  • Pink Princess Wow well done this is great, i'm makiing her Blue dress next, this is the first one i've seen made for an adult that isn't the main Blue/Greendress in the movie as so many people do. I have been trying to look more closely at the design, though there arn't many photos available on the internet that I could find a good close up and our Brave dvd doesn't come out in the uk till November 23rd, plus mum's buying it me for christmas so will have to wait even longer to get a better look. Can you tell me more about this screen printing, i've heard of it, but never really looked into it much, I though it was something that required a massive big fabric printing machine of somesort like in facotrys, but if it's something that can be done at home, can you help at all? or Do you have a youtube video? Well done from Tracy 9 years ago
  • EmmaInCandyland outstanding ! 9 years ago
  • eisenengel woah... that is a huge amount of hair... 9 years ago
  • natile Excellent! 9 years ago
  • Annah Berry Merida <3 . <3 I love you!! 9 years ago
  • kanracakes Wow!!! So good!! 9 years ago