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Kirschwasser Once again, I find another photo taken by Eurobeat King that I absolutely love & I just had to borrow it & place it into my gallery. (Full credits go to EBK!) I just love how this photo of me (Kasumi) and Pixiekitty (who is just the most awesome Ayane) came out, even though I do look a tad bit tired. ^^;

Ooo, you can see the muscle in my arm. Yay~! See, I do work out! lol.

The X-Box outfit I'm wearing is from DOAUltimate & the one Pixiekitty is wearing is from DOA4. :)
  • kabotin you too are awasome!!! 16 years ago
  • Pinoko very beautiful!! I love your cosplay*heart* 17 years ago
  • NinjaLorcan Very cool Ninja rival action! you both look awesome xD 17 years ago
  • Kirschwasser Thanks for the comments, everybody. It is greatly appreciated & I am happy to know that some people do like my cosplay. ^_^ 17 years ago
  • Sakura you two look great! I love how awesome both of those costumes turned out! 17 years ago
  • neoPootling intense pix hehe 17 years ago
  • Neo-J Yaaa Kirsch and Pixi thats cool. You both looks great. 17 years ago
  • pixiekitty aww yeah this is such a cute photo of us! :) It was great seeing you again! 17 years ago
  • Imari-chan Both are so good~ :D Doa costume is so lovely~ 17 years ago
  • Kazusa You both are awesome!!! 17 years ago
  • SuzukaZakuro You two look like you're going to kick butt. <3 Both costumes are fantastic, and Pixiekitty's is really lovely! 17 years ago