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The-Real-Link Although I do tend to have a lot of photos taken of me at cons, it's rare that I'm on the end of a photoshoot instead of behind the camera.

Thanks to the SWEET Elemental (Amanda) for taking this and other upcoming shots of me at Youmacon 2007!

Oh, the green tunic has been resewn here and is almost finished.
  • Django2466 the camera certainly loves you, I sure hope my Link costume comes out as great as yours, you have inspired me greatly. sadly my props and tunics wont turn out as great as yours, but I can only hope That the turn out half as great as yours :] 15 years ago
  • Tranquility I love the lighting in this pic. You look great :) 15 years ago
  • PapercutPerfect You make an awesome Link. I freaking love those gloves! 16 years ago
  • Kohaku007 WOW!!! I really like this pic! great job! 16 years ago