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from costume Princess Kraehe / Rue
NiGHTmaren I cannot express how happy I am to have finished Kraehe! This is the Odile version shown in one piece of official artwork, and was created to be a true-to-life classical tutu. I did a lot of research both online and through text on how to create a tutu from scratch, using the traditional methods that craftsman use for constructing real ballet tutus for dancers, including all of the necessary components - tutu panty (lower basque), tutu, tutu plate, basque (upper basque), bodice, and the appropriate decoration techniques. It was a lot of fun to take this approach, I never thought I'd enjoy it as much as I did, even though it was a bit intense and nerve-wracking at times to go out of my comfort zone on a few of the pieces. The end result though I am quite happy with, though I still want to tweak it in a few places and do a few more embellishments. You can see complete construction details on my Costume page. Photography done by Nicolai Andrews at AWA 2011.