Celia Rose's image
from costume Sheryl Nome
Celia Rose photo by Elisha Terada
  • brucer007 This is such a creative way to show off the dress in a horizontal composition! Very unexpected! the cloudiness gives it a dream-like quality. Beautiful presentation of this amazing dress! 11 years ago
  • Mehdia I don't know much about Macross Frontier, but I do know this is a stunning photo and costume. I love the almost monochromatic color scheme and the lighting. Just excellent. 11 years ago
  • -Nayami- This photo is stunning! The costume is gorgeous, and the movement that was captured is just amazing. Beautiful lighting, perfect costume, I just love it!!! 11 years ago
  • TMLiza This is so pretty. *_* 11 years ago
  • beloved4ever Beautiful! 11 years ago
  • Kiruru wooooow is awesome pic!!! 11 years ago