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from costume Samus Aran
NiGHTmaren It's done! Dream costume for years that I kept thinking would never happen. Metroid is a classic favorite of mine, and when I was little I can remember watching the ending with my brother and being amazed to find out 'he' was a 'she'. Pretty awesome stuff. This version gets so little love, though it is a hack version of the original game, and not nearly as wildly popular as her Zero suit or as adventurous a project as any of her suits. But I still love it. :) I made sure to give it a very 80's appearance to suit the time the game debuted, as well. Photo taken by Gapple Photos during a filming project.
  • Ninbri Absolutely stunning! 11 years ago
  • MiamiSett Very good job. I love this costume. You were right in trying to portray the era as well. So good it makes me want to go turn on the game and put in the code, just to confirm that you nailed it. 11 years ago