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rankin24 So this was supposed to be my Halloween costume, but many things didn't allow for that.
I bought the wig off of another member here, and let's just say I have the biggest head in the universe lol.. also not sure why the middle picture looks like I have a beer belly :|
I need to wear a lot more foundation than I have on in this because the blonde for some reason really brings out my freckles lol
The brooch was made out of a jam jar lid and is kind of a cross between the first anime& manga broaches.
Fuku by the ever-so-amazing Ammie ♥

Hoping to wear this at Anime North, if not, Halloween 2012!
  • Diagnosed You have such a cute innocent look for Usagi! 10 years ago
  • jukebox Girl, you are fabulous. FABULOUS. 11 years ago