Hikaru-Jan's image
from costume Kos-Mos
Hikaru-Jan Yeah I'm late with uploading these photos, but oh well. Finally got to wear Kos-Mos after about 2 years? I'm surprised it still fits me! hahaha! And many thanks to Lionel for letting me borrow the awesome prop!! Pic was taken at SF CBFP 08 (in April)

Photo by EuroBeat King
Prop by Lionel
  • AdamBomb7 really cool 12 years ago
  • zaphyro i love this one ;) 12 years ago
  • cherryteagirl5 your KOS-MOS was amazing!! And that prop was SICK!! ^^ 13 years ago
  • KragPrin Whoa!! Awsm Kos-Mos!!! :D -Prin 13 years ago
  • toikoro12 wow very hot! 13 years ago
  • Imari-chan Jan~ I want to take photos with your Kos-Mos. I'm remaking my Shion hopefully soon. That would be awesome to get some Xenosaga cosplaying going. :D 13 years ago
  • deepSetthinker hooooootness :D 13 years ago
  • Korinchan The details look great! 13 years ago
  • nemesis33 looking awesome as kos mos 13 years ago