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from costume X-23
smirnoff my x 23 costume based on limebarb version ,all made in faux pleather , fabric from the hell! in progress , cause i dont like my wig et i want to lose weight>< and other small details
  • Centaure MUMU SHAGASSE! 9 years ago
  • Exkiwiz Gra-ou 11 years ago
  • Mi-chan4 Wow! So awesome! What a pity I missed seeing all this the past two years :( 11 years ago
  • The_Wolverine AWESOME!! :D 11 years ago
  • Batman666 jolie ... 11 years ago
  • -Shoko- Tu as la classe! 11 years ago
  • RebelRaider really amaizing! a very well done! 11 years ago
  • Cubed_Link this is looking amazing! Fantastic job!~! 11 years ago
  • vegeeta You already super popular here. If you could improve, web server cannot survive. ^^ 11 years ago
  • Sleepsong Awesome costume!! 11 years ago
  • Minako Aino trop kewl 11 years ago
  • Ninja4ever very nice! 11 years ago
  • Natsumi723 wow X23! I love her! You are really cool like her! 11 years ago
  • Efecss Very well done 11 years ago