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BaraChan Rei I'm happy to live in Mexico, where I have access to this kind of awesome stuff! XD
This photoshoot was taken in a discoteque here in Tijuana. The disco is decorated to look like an ancient Mesoamerican temple, and combines elements of Aztec, Maya and Toltec imagery. This wheel is Maya inspired, but the main character in the middle (Hunapku) looks retarded... Doesn't really matter though, taking pictures at this place, dressed as Lara Croft was EPIC! XD
  • vegeeta oh my god. the best location ever for Lara. 12 years ago
  • BlitzFox All kinds of awesome! This looks like a screen shot from one of the games. =D 12 years ago
  • Tenchi Fan That's the perfect backdrop for an awesome cosplay. 12 years ago