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from costume Nico Minoru
Vicksta I realized I haven't uploaded any photos of my Nico. Despite wearing her at AUSA and now Katsu. I'm just waiting for the shots that Kevin [SolarTempest] took of our little group.

For now, settle with this.

The only thing about this that makes me happy is my staff. I love it, I'm very resourceful, haha. It's built from a shower curtain pole, a paper plate [The version I took at AUSA was ghetto as fuck] and Styrofoam. And it photographed really well.

Nico: Vicksta
Molly: Terumi
Karolina: Moonlessgarden
Chase: Fi

Photo: EBK
  • tophergrey Looks like a lot of fun, good job! 14 years ago
  • Terumi Haha Awesome! I was, and still am, excited about this group XP It was so much fun! 14 years ago
  • TechieCL *two thumbs up* 14 years ago