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from costume Giselle
Limeyaku Myself ( as Giselle ) and my fellow pirates in the parking lot before the Thursday screening. :D
  • Aki_Reinii I dressed up too for the thurday screening. Yay for cosplay at the movies! 17 years ago
  • HaishaClown There's nothing cooler than cosplayers at the movies!! =D It brings up the whole experience for everybody =D~ you guys look great! 17 years ago
  • Limeyaku haha i find it funny that you'd think we have 'problems' when you're even on this site??? we're just cosplaying movie characters... tons of people were in pirate gear but as far as costumes went, we stole the show. our jack had girls following him asking if they could hug and/or take pictures of/with him and they all loved our dresses. tons of little kids were ( pardon the pun ) awe struck by him as they left the movie. it was so cute!! 17 years ago