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Ludger03 the back of the wig i colored. one lime green with a 4 oz bottle of RA. **rubbung alcohol*
this wig was white and short >
  • FaithInDeidara SCREW THE RULES I HAVE GREEN HAIR!!!! xD (sorry, i just had to do that lol) It looks nice, especially for sharpie method. 14 years ago
  • Seiyora Wow, that came out great! I'm gonna have to try the Sharpie method... 15 years ago
  • Ludger03 XD it does take time usually for the ink to get diluted in the RA. but once it got all the color of it, you can easy spray it to the wig or dunk it. ^^ thank you for the comment. 16 years ago
  • starfire28 It's beautiful!!! *pets it* Argh, I want to sharpie dye a wig but it probably takes patience which is something I definately don't have :P 16 years ago