~Arizu~'s image
~Arizu~ Heeeeeeeeeere you can see Vidoll cosplayer.
On the right Jui, on the left Rametan~
Awwwwrr~ it was so nice to cosplay with her!!!°_°...
And I _SO_ would like to do it again and again and again...

Jui - Phee
Rametan - me
  • ~Arizu~ Phee: Yeah I see...>DDD But we really have to and not just like ahh laets do it and than we wont do it ne~...=0= Chibi: Shine shine~~ reita:Awr sankyuu yo much >www< Yeah she is...|D~ Lolita_Leah: than you have to buy them °_°;;...I bought them at ebay ^_~ 17 years ago
  • Lolita_Leah Those shoes!!! I want those shoes! LOL 17 years ago
  • reita what a lovely picture*___* i just love your curles~~ you look so cute*-* and phee it's an amazing jyui as always ^^ 17 years ago
  • Chibi shine~ 17 years ago
  • ~dark+alice~ aye~~~ sure!!! rame really suits you, it was soooo uber cute!!! next year, i´m gonna have some more jui and hide *o* oh, and maybe also a yukine, depends on whether i sew it or maca ^-^; you see, a lot of pictures waiting to be taken XDDDD" luv ya toooo~~~~ 17 years ago
  • ~Arizu~ Awwwr thanks you two hahaha >www< Phee: Ah...?really...?;_;...next year ne...there we have to take looooooots of pics ne...>>...coz...than I'll have a Die, and a Jui...and...maybe more Rametan even if I'm too tall =~=;...arrrr But ohhhhhhhhhh dear I lub ya T^T 17 years ago
  • ~dark+alice~ yeah, me too, me tooooooooo ;^; 17 years ago
  • IceAlchemist lovely 17 years ago