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from costume Miranda Lawson
hmwsg x My first (and probably last haha) commission. This has been in the works for months and months.
This was my biggest challenge yet. The printed 2 way stretch vinyl was cut into 12x16 inch sheets due to the print plate size, so I had to figure out clever ways to cut the costume without it looking too patchwork.

I am aware the hexagons do not line up at some seams and unfortunately, that was something I had to deal with due to the 12x16 sheet issue. The logos are being added by the customer.

I made the belt, jacket, leggings, and suit. If you are going to SDCC the Miranda will be there.

And yes, the suit unzips at the front flap.
  • grrannasaur Are you still doing commissions? I would love to commission this! 12 years ago
  • Griever 2112 I think it came out really great. You did a kick ass job on it. 12 years ago
  • mrbob0822 I would also like one... ...and then I can be Manranda. I WILL BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMAN ON THE CITADEL! 12 years ago
  • RedSonya Wow, you have a knack for making Miranda costumes! Make me one! Awesome job as always. 12 years ago
  • Liquidfire3 FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, this one is so awesome!!!! 12 years ago