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SailorGaia ..and I think you *do* know what I mean. ::winkwink:: I don't care what convention I'm going to, I have some sort of sick facination with stealing Miri's* Jessica cosplay... and I'm not the only one either. To make matters worse, I've used/lent out this wig for too many costumes than I care to say (thank God for wig caps ^^;).

Needless to say, Lunar costuming is sorta my version of crack. For some reason the character designs fill me with joy & the fans are always so nice. Yes. I know I have a problem. :P

*All the costuming credit goes to Miri, who is always more than generous with letting her friends steal..err..borrow her finely crafted pieces of fabric ART!

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  • Geb_Geb yay jessica!!!! love love love 12 years ago
  • Avianna Hey! I was with that costume last con. She said she loved me! What a whore! 12 years ago
  • Dokudel Lunar is crack! XD 12 years ago