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from costume Emeralda Kasim
Albel-Nox I really love this pic so much!
Our group was so amazing! I'm so happy Isadora ask me out to do Emeralda!
Thanks so much:
Seraphitia: Mirromaru
Kelvena: Suaine
Dominia: MissTakashi
Tolone: Sikard
Miang: Kukkii-san
Elly: Isadora
Krelian: CronoGia
Maria: Gamina
Citan: Daniel
Fei: Isadoras bf

And special thanks to const for the pic!!
  • kowaipanda Hells yeah! epic Xenogears group! 13 years ago
  • Toshi_Riku EPIC♥♥♥ 13 years ago
  • ako_pah I love this shot too.....(*.*) Each in everyone are so incredible awesome.....(^,^) 13 years ago
  • Feena-chan epic group *O* ~ ist hard to get such a big group but you all did such a amazing job *_* you make me speechless 13 years ago
  • silvver wow!! awesome group! ^ ^ 13 years ago
  • Deval ihr rockt alles wech !!!! einsame spitze! 13 years ago
  • +.-.uzuki.-.+ so lucky u have such an amazing group! u all look great ^ ^ 13 years ago
  • Isadora Yeah awesome rocking group! Xenogears is total win you made me all so happy and I love you for making our little daughter^^ 13 years ago
  • Sikard I just thought about uploading this shot as well XD. It's one of my favourite photos of the weekend. We're just too cool! ;-) 13 years ago
  • SailorGaia No way!?!?! A Xenogears group...that large!?!? Awesome costumes & a great shot to boot? Excuse while I jump for joy! You guys deserve a huge pat on the back; this is just amazing!! 13 years ago
  • AsukaLangley awesome!!! *___* 13 years ago
  • UnnamedUnknown Great shot and group! 13 years ago
  • negativedreamer wow... really epic group! i wanna go to germany for a con when i see this! 13 years ago