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SailorGaia The Dali-Lamb's look is so mournful it's rather comical, which is why Molly can't help but grin at her. I have a feeling if Amalthea had remained a human much longer, she would have dyed her hair black and talked about how she didn't want to be a "conformist" like the other unicorns. I don't know why I was grinning...all I remember is the rest of the cast being off to the side was making us all giggle while we were supposed to be sad and reflective.

Yes, I removed my shoes and stood in the mud for these shots. Yes, Chicago was like 50 degrees that day. Yes.... I did get a cold the week after. All in the name of COSPLAY! :O

Another picture of our Last Unicorn group at ACen 2009, as photographed by Elemental. Costume construction notes two pictures back. :D
  • Fire Lily Very nice - you make a great Molly!!! 13 years ago