Celia Rose's image
from costume Sheryl Nome
Celia Rose photo by Elisha Terada
  • Tabby-chan i love this photo O.o its all pretty and stuff haha XD 11 years ago
  • xNagi Very Sheryl! I know she'll do this in her concert. ;)) 11 years ago
  • Quinn the Shiki Oh my goodness that's so pretty! I don't have to know the character to appreciate the picture! 11 years ago
  • Shana05 I don't know this character but this is absolutely beautiful. 11 years ago
  • brucer007 I like how this costume is presented with the dress flowing like wings. 11 years ago
  • Yuzuriha59 Wouha *o* I love ♥ 11 years ago
  • junii The movement in this photo is so awesome!! You are suuuch an excellent Sheryl!! 11 years ago
  • tomorocks So pretty! OwO 11 years ago