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from costume Tiger of the wind
Dart:Dense Boy First quad/fursuit :) Super happy how it turned out :)
  • kahindra OMG You are crazyyyyy *__* It's wonderful!! 13 years ago
  • ShadowSquall OMG Tiger! This is Top Tier. Good idea and well executed. 14 years ago
  • TseUq I think..... you are my idol OTL XDDDDDDD You look so soft, I just wanna pet you D8 .... AMAZING job!! it looks incredible *___* love love love this! 14 years ago
  • firewolf Very cool! Great job! :DDD 14 years ago
  • xbloodxrosex *____* =bows down= I commend your awesomeness! This is amazing! It's a shame I didn't see this at AN09 to take a picture. Seriously though, AMAZING work! 14 years ago
  • lena_franz great! 14 years ago