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Mirromaru ...hey!" My friend calls this the madonna-breast-costume. She is oh so right...

I am half content with the breasts this time, and half not. Because there is no pull on the fabric at the arms, the breasts are a bit lopsided on the upper outer "corner" :/ I don't know how to fix this... At least they are evenly lopsided ^_~ Maybe some safety pins in my bra or something could help, I'll have to try!

I'll hope to have this completed next weekend to wear with my Darkstalkers group. I still have some sewing to do on the bodice, the kneepads, and most importantly I still need the wigs I ordered to arrive, so I can style the wig! :<

Unfortunately I don't have the money to spend on sclera lenses for this. And to be honest, I'm not sure if I want to put these things in my eyes at all... Yes, my dedication does not go that far. I tried applying eye-shadow on my upper eyelid to fake the look, as my friend Gamina suggested, but it does not look that good, and I look like a sad panda with my eyes open with that make up xD. So I guess I'll just shoop that detail. ;)
  • Dust Bunny Looks great so far. Q-Bee does have very Madonna-eque chest decorations, but it looks like you have done a great job so far. Can't wait to see it all finished! 13 years ago
  • CosplayerGabi I think it's coming along really well. I like how smooth your body suit is too. 13 years ago