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from costume Neytiri
kaliko_rosa I really wanted to see how much this prosthetic and my face could resemble Neytiri, so here is my crappy take on her famous laugh (you know, the part when she laughs at Jake and throws her head back after nearly getting caught by the Mak'to)

My Neytiri face and ears prosthetics were made by ReelMagik Effects, www.reelmagik.com. These incredible high quality latex masks were custom made to look just like the Na'Vi. After bothering the artist enough times, he finally made a female version for fans, and I was quick to scoop it up. I know that the unusual face structure of the Na'Vi can be one of the hardest things to capture in cosplay, so I'm really thankful that ReelMagik were selling these. I love it a lot (even though it's a bit stinky hehe) and can't wait to paint it!

Note: The blue on my skin is CG, I didn't want my skin colour to distract from the effect of the prosthetic :)
  • clembastow I love this photo! Can't wait to see the finished ensemble :) 12 years ago