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from costume Ranka Lee
Zhenya I've got some new pictures of my Ranka Lee (in her yellow dress) cosplay. =D They turned out very nice, I think. So, here's my favorite. With my cute (and crappy) Ai-Kun. XD

Photo by Hanabi(@animexx.de)
  • MinoS-Chan *_* das ist soo süß!! mehr Ranka *_* 11 years ago
  • Feena-chan Zuckerschock X___X *gerade sprachlos* *anschmach* *W* 11 years ago
  • *Amane Misa* so sweet! 11 years ago
  • kowaipanda *___* so cute! no, your Ai-kun is cute not crappy 11 years ago
  • XingCai Ai-kun omg so cute!!!!!! You look so adorable too!!! 11 years ago
  • negativedreamer very cute 11 years ago