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Kukkii-san Here's a neat comparison picture of two ponytail styles, whose different shapes called for different construction methods:

Left - a regular "poofy ponytail" style, made by stubbing a wig and adding foamcore extensions to the stub.

Right - a "ninja ponytail / topknot" style, equipped with additional superstructure (metal headband bolt) prior to stubbing the wig and adding the foamcore extensions.

To sum up the "problem":
Wigs are soft and flexible and cannot support a tall, huge ponytail, unless it has a broad base that rests against your head.
For ponytail shapes that do not provide such a base - i.e., the "palm-tree", "ninja" kind of ponytail that starts out narrow at the base - you'll need to create an additional structure INSIDE the wig that will act as a or counterweight, to keep the ponytail from tipping.

When planning a new wigcraft project, always look closely at the reference to determine the best construction method, even before you make the first cut!

When in doubt, feel free to comment and post a picture of an updo you're planning to style. Or browse my galleries for inspiration - I've got dozens of different ponytail styles put up, and more will follow!
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