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from costume Ciel Phantomhive
neni-chan Me as Ciel Phantomhive and kurisutina as Sebastian Michaelis! I always love it when Sebastian makes this pose and says :Yes my we had to make a pose like that XD enjoy
  • MisChibiOus i love this photoo~!! well done cosplays :D 13 years ago
  • cielphantomhive you look so hot!! I'm making that costume now but it's so hard to look for the blouse (;-;) 13 years ago
  • skinnyAZN Lovely! You both look amazing! 14 years ago
  • Lemuniac wooooooooooooooow** 14 years ago
  • Melina-chan Thanks so much for your comment! I love this pic *o* 14 years ago
  • Winter's Dream Wow! That looks epic! Well done! ^^ 14 years ago