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Admin This is a quick studio shot - we'll post the full photoshoot soon.

Mass Effect 2 is my favorite game, and Jack is easily my favorite character of all time.

Then there's Jia, who doesn't mind shaving her head, and after seeing Jack she took over the obsession, spending hours which became days which became weeks meticulously hand-painting the tattoos onto a body suit, eating up all of her free time. There are a few progress shots in her gallery. The amount of detail she put into this costume is utterly amazing.

Can't wait to show the rest of the photos. :)
  • HezaChan totally amazing 12 years ago
  • Jacky 尊敬!! 12 years ago
  • Avianna Sad you guys couldn't make it to Gencon! I wanted to see this up close soooo bad! 12 years ago
  • hmwsg x Oh my god, I cannot wait to see the photoshoot! =3 12 years ago