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from costume Chii (bakery)
Yuanie I have been working on this Chii bakery costume for quite some time :\ All the ruffles work certainly was a test of patience. I bought along a heart-shaped strawberry pudding and a chocolate muffin for this shooting ^^! I like this photo alot but I was careless enough to notice that my wig was actually in a bit of mess T_T

Photographer --> Eugin ^o^
  • Keshi Awww, now who wouldn't buy the cake?! XD 17 years ago
  • Yuanie himi > long time no see / talk ^^ ..thanks for your comment... and surprised and happy to see fellow singapore kakkis here.. !! thanks thanks thanks everyone... :) kam sia ! 18 years ago
  • LennethXVII i love your costume..^ ^ it's very well-done! 18 years ago
  • Ekouharu Sweet~ Can I take a bite...on you? *run* XDDD 18 years ago
  • Princess_Moon aaawww awesome job!^^ 18 years ago
  • pearle yuanie~ *hugs* This picture is really cute~~ 18 years ago
  • xrysx so pretty~ i want a piece of cake too~ 18 years ago
  • ZiggyB That's a really cute outfit. :) I'm glad you're still working on costumes. I haven't seen you post a photo in a long time! 18 years ago
  • Mi-chan4 Cute Chii~ I wanna eat you and then the cake XDD 18 years ago
  • Astellecia so adorable XD 18 years ago
  • hiyuki lol, a bit of messy wig is ok. Looks more natural this way. lol. You're a very sweet Chii ^_^ 18 years ago
  • Inuran Cakeeeee~~ So sweet X3 18 years ago
  • piyo2himi Should have combed it a bit.. Very cute! :D 18 years ago